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Hauz Enterprise
WORQ Coworking Space

Hauz Enterprise

A cloud-based and data-driven workforce management solution that allows businesses to manage mobile workers, monitor and track operation real-time activities, and bringing value to help expand business operations through a mobile app.

Time Attendance
Free for the first 5 users.


ipaymy enable SMEs to pay for your largest operating expenses such as rent, salaries and invoices with your credit card instead of bank transfer regardless whether your landlord, employees or supplier accepts credit card. This helps you delay cash spend for up to 55 days.

1.5% fee for new user’s first payment on ipaymy using a locally issued Visa or Mastercard. Please note that payments using this code will not be covered under our “Points Guarantee”.

WORQ Coworking Space

Coworking Space, Meeting Rooms, Event Space

MYR100 off Co-working Products (Hotdesk, Dedicated Desk, Private Suite) and 10% off Event Space & Meeting Room Rentals