Talenox + Deputy Integration

Talenox with Deputy Integration

Talenox Payroll and Leaves + Deputy Scheduling and Time Tracking

Get your time tracking and payroll apps to talk to each other.

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Features that empower your business

Feature 1 - Timesheet to Payroll

Push Timesheet to Payroll

Directly push the number of hours worked from approved Timesheets into Talenox to run payroll.

Feature 2 - Staff sync

Sync staff details safely

Transfer staff info securely from Talenox to Deputy and vice versa. Store more details in Talenox Profiles.

Feature 3 - Monitoring costs

Monitor cost centre spending

View and monitor in detail how much has been spent per cost centre or branch in Talenox's Payroll app.

Feature 4 - Reduce schedule conflict

Reduce schedule conflict

Sync Talenox Leave with Deputy's Scheduler to reduce wrongful scheduling of staff on leave.

All the benefits in a seamless integration

Staff timesheet ready for payroll? Just hit “Import from Scheduler” to start.

Import your staff’s timesheet directly into Talenox for faster and more accurate payroll processing with a few clicks.

Whether you’re in F&B, retail or managing a company of staff with different work shifts, you can choose to see the entries in payroll as individual employees or as cost centres.

3 steps

Profiles to People

Import employee data securely between Talenox Profiles and Deputy’s People.

With your Talenox and Deputy accounts talking to each other, you can quickly import staff data without having to create a new user profile for every employee.

Talenox Profiles is a robust app made specifically for storing extensive employee data. Use it to edit and get quick access to employee info such as payroll and upcoming holidays.

Track Cost Centre Spending

Track cost centre spending on Deputy; push it to Talenox at month-end closing

Cost centres tied to employee’s confirmed timings (the confirmed number of hours an employee has worked) will be reflected correctly in Talenox’s Payroll app.

Deputy, the complete workforce management platform used by businesses worldwide

Talenox and Deputy Connected

Deputy is the ultimate employee management solution for hourly paid and shift based workers.

  • Use Deputy's scheduler to schedule employees in different locations, and create shifts with its drag and drop interface
  • Deputy's time tracker captures when and where your employees work their shifts, and calculates overtime, penalty rates, loadings & salary costing
  • Free trial and free 30-minute demo for first time users
  • 24/7 phone and chat support (Deputy)
  • Deputy is integrated with over 35 accounting and POS partner, including Xero, QuickBooks, and Zapier

Find out more by contacting us, or try Deputy

Trusted by  thousands of happy users

Talenox works on a cloud model. They provide constant improvements and updates to the software at no cost while making it more robust and functional for business.

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Tedious processes in a typical HRM software are simplified and made easily for even a non-HR trained employee to manage!

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Other than being beautiful and easy to use, it has kick-ass support. Its live-chat service is really fast and responsive.

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